Windshield Replacement

With state of the art tools, equipment and certified skilled technicians, we will properly and carefully remove your broken windshield and replace it with high quality OE DOT or OEM glass. Nothing but the highest grade quick dry time urethane glue will be used for your vehicle.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield replacements – OEM is essentially the same glass that was installed in your vehicle at the time it left the factory. EOM glass matches the same thickness, color, shape, electronic technology and fit when the vehicle was brand new. Another key similarity is the automobile brand logo will be present on the vehicle. Nonetheless, this will certainly come with a much higher cost to the insured/consumer. Expect the cost to be upwards of about 40%-60% more expensive for the average windshield than that of the comparable “aftermarket” glass. Most insurance companies typically will not cover the cost for OEM glass if the vehicle is more than one year old.

Original Equipment equivalent (OEE) – OEE is typically made with the same guidelines and standards in the same manufacturing plant as OEM glass with one small difference, the “Vehicle Manufacturer Branding Logo” will not appear on the glass, thus reducing the cost of the windshield significantly and therefore allowing for insurance approval.

Just as important and mostly common the front windshield is to replace, Glass Act Windshield Services performs quality professional replacements on broken side door glass, smashed rear back glass, and busted quarter glass.