As newer vehicles are becoming more equipped with safety technology from their cameras and sensors, proper ADAS Recalibration is essential. Glass Act Windshield Services offer “Dynamic” and “Static” recalibration to most vehicles when your auto glass is replaced.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) – ADAS technology usually relies on correctly positioning a combination of forward-facing cameras and sensors inside the vehicle windshield behind the rear view mirror.

Dynamic ADAS Calibration – Also known as mobile recalibration, this type of recalibration is performed by a hand-held device plugged into the ECU of your vehicle. Once plugged in, the vehicle will often need to be driven for a specified duration at a manufacturer-designated speed with optimal weather conditions. Once the vehicle is accustomed to these road conditions, it will ready to respond and react to unexpected driving issues.

Static ADAS Calibration – The biggest difference between Static and Dynamic is Static Calibration technology is designated to be performed in a shop environment where the vehicle is physically needed to be driven into a shop. Reason being is this technology requires the use of specialized sensitive equipment also known as Camera and Sensor Calibration (CSC) Tool. This tool is stationary and typically cannot be transit.